Computer Science and Engineering Curriculum Through Open Courses?

I have been interested in going back to school for some time now, but have been stuck weighing the benefits against additional student debt. I was curious to determine how much of the curriculum could be accomplished through open courses and self-directed learning.

I took the EE/CS curriculum, and cross referenced MIT’s OpenCourseWare to identify those courses with audio lectures available online.

The following was taken from MIT’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Curriculum (90 units in total). In general it appears as though some lower level classes are available — but not nearly enough. Any links in the Video/Audio/Materials column indicate that course’s are available online and on-demand in some capacity.

Category ID Subject Video/Audio Available? Book
6.01 Introduction to EECS I 2011 course from MIT N/A
6.02 Introduction to EECS II 2012 MIT course
Mathematics (pick two)
18.03 Differential Equations OR the following 2010 course from MIT N/A
18.06 Linear Algebra; AND 2011 course from MIT
6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science 2010 course from MIT N/A
6.004 Computation Structures N/A
6.005 N/A Elements of Software Construction N/A
6.006 Introduction to Algorithms 2011 course from MIT
Department Lab (pick one)
6.141 Robotics: Science and Systems I
6.170 Software Studio N/A
6.172 Performance Engineering of Software Systems 2010 course from MIT N/A
6.173 Computer Language Engineering
6.035 Computer Language Engineering Selected 2005 lectures from MIT N/A
Headers (pick 3)
6.033 Computer System Engineering 2009 course from MIT
6.034 Artificial Intelligence; Or the following 2010 course from MIT N/A
6.036 Introduction to Machine Learning N/A
6.046 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Advanced Undergraduate Studies (pick two)
6.022J Quantitative Systems Physiology N/A
6.023J Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems N/A
6.025 Medical Device Design N/A
6.035 Computer Language Engineering 2005 course from MIT – selected lectures only N/A
6.045J Automata, Computability and Complexity N/A
6.047 Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution N/A
6.049 Evolutionary Biology N/A
6.061 Introduction to Electric Power N/A
6.111 Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory N/A
6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory N/A
6.131 Power Electronics Laboratory
6.141J Robotics: Science and Systems I
6.170 Software Studio N/A
6.172 Performance Engineering of Software Systems 2010 course from MIT N/A
6.207 Networks N/A
6.301 Solid-State Circuits
6.302 Feedback Systems N/A
6.502J Introduction to Molecular Simulations
6.503 Foundations of Algorithms and Computational Techniques in Systems Biology N/A
6.701 Introduction to Nanoelectronics N/A
6.717 Design and Fabrication of Microelectromechanical Systems N/A
6.801 Machine Vision N/A
6.802 Computational Systems Biology N/A
6.803 The Human Intelligence Enterprise N/A
6.804J Computational Cognitive Science N/A
6.805 Ethics and the Law on the Electronic Frontier N/A
6.813 User Interface Design and Implementation N/A
6.814 Database Systems N/A
6.815 Digital and Computational Photography N/A
6.835 Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces N/A
6.837 Computer Graphics N/A
6.857 Network and Computer Security

EDIT: If you have gotten this far, check out the MIT CHallenge